Shopping for a new water heater can be a little overwhelming, especially if this is your first time or if it has been a decade or two since your last purchase.  Today, the options are vastly extensive.  In the past homeowners were essentially limited to traditional electric or gas water heaters.  Over the years new technology has allowed water heater manufacturers to offer a broad new range of options, including the following just to name a few:

  • Gas/electric hybrid water heaters
  • Instant and endless hot water heaters
  • Heat pump assisted water heating units
  • Tankless hot water heaters
  • Solar powered water heaters
  • High-performance & efficiency water heaters

So as you can see, things have really come a long way in terms of how we choose to heat water at home.  Now the questions is, which brand of hot water heaters offers the best combination of value, performance and reliability?  For some, it's all about price: the old one broke, you need a new one fast, and funds may be limited.  We get it.  Whether you're in a hurry to replace your broken unit or have some time to shop, it's definitely worth considering something made right here at home.

Benefits of Water Heaters Made in the USA

Hot Water tank coupon in Rochester NYUnlike a concerning number of American-made products that seem to come with hefty price tags, buying a USA-made hot water heater can actually be an affordable way to go.  Not only that, but there are other advantages to going with an American-made water heater.  Let's review a few.

Experience & Craftsmanship

Water heaters have their roots here in the US, and some of the most respected American water heater manufactures have been doing this for well over a century.  Such longevity has helped companies like Bradford White and AO Smith to consistently improve the quality and efficiency of their products.  Ultimately for you, this means better reliability, faster hot water, less repairs and arguably the best warranties anywhere in the country.

Supports American Jobs

You don’t need any reminders of just how many American workers' jobs are being shipped overseas at the expense of profit margins.  It's a crisis in this country.  Buying an American made water heater is a great way to support US jobs and boost the economy, with the added bonus of having a system you can rely on for years.  At McKenna's Kitchen and Bath in Rochester, we proudly offer one of the best selections of AO Smith and Bradford White residential hot water heaters in WNY.

In addition to the consistent levels of high quality they offer, USA water heaters are familiar to just about every technician in the area, and replacement parts are often more readily available compared to those made overseas.  It's easy to not think of repairs now, but if yours should go out, you don't want to be waiting more than a day to have it properly repaired.

Made in USA Water Heaters in Rochester NY

Questions about replacing your old, outdated or inoperable unit?  Looking for more information on why buying an American-made unit is a smart move?  The staff at McKenna's Rochester is here to help!  Stop by or call either of our two Rochester area home improvement centers for the absolute best deals in new or replacement hot water heaters.