Our hats are always off to those who embrace the do-it-yourself mentality, and we've helped many a customer through a wide range of home improvement projects over the decades.  When it comes to water heaters, however, there's a little gray area that should be addressed before you start disconnecting things at will.

There's a lot going on that many don't consider, like flames and gas, so if you're even slightly unsure of exactly how to do it, it's strongly advisable to call a pro.  We're not going into explicit technical details here, but we thought it might be important to review some of the essentials for those needing to replace a hot water heater.

Which Type of Water Heater Best Suits Your Home and Lifestyle

Once you've made the decision to shop for new hot water heaters, you'll have to consider all of the options at your disposal.  Many simply choose to go with traditional gas, water or electric units, though more and more homeowners are switching over to hybrid water heaters, compact units and those offering instant and/or endless hot water.  If energy efficiency and water consumption are key in your decision, there are just as many options there as well.

Have You Ever Actually Installed a Water Heater Before?

There are a number of things we could say on this topic, but it really comes down to whether or not you've pulled off a flawlessly-installed hot water job in the past.  If not, this might be one home improvement project worthy of calling someone who's mastered the process.  It's not impossible by any stretch, and you likely won't blow your house up.  But there's a huge learning curve, multiple tests that need to be done, and plenty of post-install settings and inspections to make.  And by the time you're done, it's Sunday.

What About the Old, Ugly, Broken Water Heater?

Water heaters have a tendency to make their homes on lower levels.  That being said it's important to consider what happens to that eyesore  of a former hot water heater, once the new one is installed and ready to go.  One of the perks of hiring a professional installer such as McKenna's, is the grossly undervalued freedom of not having to lug something that nasty up a flight of stairs and down your driveway.

Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Water Heater Installs in Rochester

When you spend five decades doing something, it affords you ample time to hone your process, improve your service and moreover drive rates low.  McKenna's Rochester Kitchen and Bath has been taking the stress and high cost out of water heater replacement since 1966.  Let us show you why thousands of Rochester and WNY homeowners won't go anywhere else.