Whether you're planning on hosting your family's annual holiday party or just looking for a reason to mix things up for New Years, the holidays are a great time to catch up on all those year-end home improvement projects.  For some, this means tending to the stubborn repairs, while just as many choose to go big with a dream kitchen or bath makeover.

Here are 7 of McKenna's most popular holiday-inspired home repairs and remodeling projects to give your winter wonderland a fresh, new look.

Guest Bathroom Remodeling

If you're planning on hosting your share of quietly judgmental relatives this year, perhaps it's a good time to update your guest bathroom.  This can include upgrades such as new sink and vanity, modern lighting, floors, tubs or a new toilet that doesn't require jiggling or instructions.

New Lighting Upgrade

Whether it's for your kitchen, your bathroom or even your entertainment room, upgrading your interior lighting can have a dramatic impact on any setting.  McKenna's in Rochester has two showrooms full of gorgeous lighting displays to help spark your imagination.

Kitchen Remodeling

Depending on your needs, budget and imagination, holiday kitchen remodeling can range from simple replacements to full-blown makeovers.  Some of the most popular projects include quartz countertops, granite countertops, sinks and tile backsplash, hardwood flooring and custom kitchen lighting.

Old Flooring Replacements

Old, scuffed-up, dirty floors can set the tone for how people see your home, and the holidays are an ideal time to upgrade any outdated flooring in need.  Some of the most popular floor replacements include hardwood, ceramic, laminate and custom tile designs.

Tile Backsplash

It's amazing how something as simple as tile or a custom backsplash can instantly transform the look of your kitchen, and there are so many possibilities to select from.  It's also one of those kitchen upgrades that can be done in plenty of time for the holiday goose.

Tub to Shower Conversions

If you've been meaning to convert an old or ugly tub into a shower, the holidays give you the perfect excuse to make it happen.  It will add a new look to your home while minimizing the risk of older relatives or guests slipping in the tub.  McKenna's is a leader in tub and shower conversions, and also offers a huge selection of replacement shower doors to give your bath a new look.

Fixing Overdue Plumbing Problems

From the running toilet to the leaky faucet and everything in between, no one wants to listen to every guest remind you that you should really get that fixed.  Most plumbing repairs are not as bad as people expect them to be, and McKenna's can get them done quickly, affordably and in time for the holidays.

Looking for more Rochester NY holiday home improvement ideas?  Contact McKenna's Kitchen and Bath or visit either of our two showrooms!