Whether you're new to home ownership or have been in your current house for decades, the need to have your septic tank pumped on a regular basis can't be underestimated.  For those fortunate enough to have never experienced a backup or failure, it can be help to understand the role and function that septic systems play in preventing plumbing problems, while keeping your home sanitary and free of odors or contamination.

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Here are just a few of the telltale signs that your home's septic tank might be due, or long overdue, for a routine pumping:

  • Water that pools in your yard, especially close to the drain area
  • Foul odors in rooms such as the kitchen, basement and bathrooms
  • Slow draining sinks, toilets and water collection reservoirs
  • Sewage backups, typically dark in color with a very foul smell
  • Uneven grass patterns or discoloration near the drainage area

How Septic Systems Work

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At the most basic level, septic systems are responsible for removing wastewater and solid materials from bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and others.  Over time, heavier solids can settle at the bottom of your septic tank (or reservoir), creating a dense, nasty layer of sludge.  Lighter solids that have not been removed will float to the top of your tank, creating a layer of equally nasty scum.

Why Regular Septic Pumping is So Important

Routine septic tank pumping will flush out these gradually-collecting layers of sediment and sludge, allowing your pump to carry out its role more effectively.  Ignoring it, especially for longer periods of time, will clog the pump and make normal removal increasingly straining on the entire system.  Wastewater and solids become more difficult to expel, resulting in a backup, or worse, a complete septic failure.

It's understandable that many homeowners never give a second though to their septic systems.  If everything's working, why worry?  Still, it's impossible to know where your tank is in terms of sludge buildup.  Having your tank flushed annually or every other year is an easy, affordable way to prevent far more significant repairs and replacement costs down the road.

Affordable, Reliable Septic Tank Pumping in Rochester NY

For over 50 years the plumbing experts at McKenna's Kitchen and Bathroom have been helping Rochester homeowners keep their septic systems clean, clear and properly functioning.  If you're experiencing any of the warning signs mentioned, call McKenna's to learn more about our affordable septic pumping services.  We have two convenient locations in Rochester, and can be reached at 585-427-2320 in Henrietta, or at 585-377-3434 in the Fairport area.