When John Harrington invented the toilet way back in 1596, it's safe to assume that he had no idea how evolved his simple "flush toilet" would one day become.  What was once a crude contraption with little variation, has become a staple of daily life that is now available in literally hundreds of styles, colors and design options.  So when the time eventually comes to replace an old or broken toilet, it's no surprise that many homeowners find themselves overwhelmed at the sheer volume of options.

Whether you're shopping for a replacement toilet, or buying one to complete your dream bathroom remodeling project, knowing what's available will undoubtedly influence the room where you do your best thinking.  Let’s review some things to keep in mind when shopping for toilets in Rochester.

Choosing the Right Toilet Height

If your household consists of both children and adults, choosing an exceptionally tall or short toilet won't be a great option… at least while the kids are growing.  Choosing a traditional 17" toilet height is extremely common, and there is no shortage of selection in the standard range.  For a master bath or bathrooms used only by adults, consider a taller toilet such as the Comfort Height® toilets from Kohler®, or one of the many extended height toilets by Toto®.

Toilet Bowl Shape and Size

There was a time when all toilet bowls were nearly identical to one another, leaving little in terms of distinguishing one's bathroom.  Today most toilet bowl designs feature either a round-front or elongated bowl shape, in addition to compact/elongated toilets, which are essentially a hybrid of the two.  Generally speaking, adults and larger teens tend to find elongated toilets most favorable, while children and the ultra-petite prefer the smaller round-front.

Toilet Flush Style

Until about a decade ago this wasn't even a consideration.  Today, however, there are scores of flushing options available for those with specific preferences or construction styles.  The two most baseline types of flush styles are gravity flush and assisted flush, with many variations existing within each category.  For homeowners seeking the latest toilet technology or increased sanitation, touchless flush technology is becoming an increasingly popular way to go.

Standard or Wall-hung Toilet?

Most homes feature standard toilets (either one-piece or two-piece), though wall-mounted toilets continue to become an increasingly popular option.  Skirted and wall-hung toilets feature concealed tanks, a more modern appearance and streamlined design that is much easier to clean.  Kohler and Toto are both known for providing some of the most attractive and innovative toilets in today's market, and McKenna's is proud to offer a selection that is second to none in the Rochester NY region.

The Best Prices and Selection of Toilets in Rochester!

Before you shop at one of the big box home improvement stores, we strongly encourage you to check out our complete line of new toilets from Kohler, Toto and other leading brands.  We have a diverse range of styles and features available, in colors that are sure to match any bathroom remodeling job.

McKenna's has two home improvement showrooms in the Rochester area, loaded with gorgeous bathroom displays so you can see them all up close.  Contact our Henrietta NY showroom at 585-427-2320 for more information, or in Fairport NY area by calling 585-377-3434.