There are a multitude of good reasons to have your bathtub converted to a shower.  A more modern shower can completely change the look of simple and smaller bathrooms, and may increase buyer interest when selling.  For many homeowners the need for a traditional bathtub subsides once the kids are grown.  Most commonly, however, tub to shower conversions are done to increase safety and practical function in homes with older adults and seniors.

If you've been tossing around the idea of having a Rochester NY tub to shower conversion installed, here are a few of the advantages, options and key points to help you decide.

Add Depth to any Rochester Bath Remodeling Project

Replacing your bathroom floors, vanity and toilet will definitely improve appearance.  When you complement to a project with a tub-to-shower conversion, the finished remodeling job has a significantly enhanced and impressive look.  Traditional bathtubs are closed off with shower curtains, which can make your space look more confined.  Installing a shower with clear or translucent doors is a great way to add style, while promoting a more spacious feel.

Improves Safety with Easier Accessibility

If your days of taking baths are in the past, having your tub converted to a shower is just a smart move.  This is especially true for older adults and seniors, though let's be honest, no age group is completely immune to slipping in the tub.  Many of todays' shower installs provide far better footing than porcelain, and can be outfitted with handles and accessibility hardware that make stepping in-and-out less treacherous.

Customize Your New Shower Installation

Once the old tub is out and your new shower has been installed, you can get creative with hardware, faucets, accents and others.  This could mean adding a rainmaker shower head, premium handles & hardware, custom shower wall or floor tile, or one of today's more modern shower faucets from Danze, Delta, Kohler, Pfister or others for a sophisticated finished look.  Shower conversions offer either bench or corner seats, and are available in a wide range of colors and designs to match your décor.

Proudly Installing New Showers in Rochester Since 1966

Regardless of your reason for considering a new shower installation, it's important to work with a home improvement company that has both ample experience and diverse options.  McKenna's has over 50 years of professional shower installation experience right here in Rochester.  We specialize in Carstin shower conversion products, and offer cash & carry as well as low rates on professional installation.

To learn more about converting your bathtub to a shower, give us a call in Henrietta at 585-427-2320, or by calling our showroom in Fairport at 585-377-3434.