When the time eventually comes to remodel your home, you learn fast that there’s no shortage of places to shop.  Like many, the first instinct is to run down to the local big box store. But before you do, we thought it would be a good idea to review some of the reasons to consider working with independent and family-owned home improvement and remodeling companies. We know what you're thinking… this is where we pitch you on the perks of shopping at McKenna's Kitchen and Bath, right?

Well, yes and no. Of course we want the chance to earn your business, but there's a bigger issue here that needs to be addressed.  Let's explore.

Be a Customer, Not an Invoice Number

We understand and appreciate the levels that some big-box stores go to in order to provide good customer service, but there's really no comparison in terms of personable feel.  Smaller stores may employ a staff of up to dozens, as opposed to the hundreds who keep the supercenters running.  When you shop locally, the faces are less likely to change year after year. This not only improves your experience, but it helps smaller businesses better understand your home, your needs and your past projects.

Shopping Smaller Companies Has a Big Impact

It makes no difference whether you're a contractor who routinely orders supplies and materials for jobs, or a homeowner who only remodels every few years; when you buy locally, you keep jobs alive and the local economy thriving.  Making the decision to work with a smaller home improvement store not only enhances the personalized service you receive, it also helps keep your neighbors employed.

Prevent the Extinction of Independent Businesses

Anyone reading this can likely call to mind a small business that they, sadly, watched go under.  We've seen our fair share over the past decade, and like others, have had to make significant adjustments in order to compete with mass purchasing power.  Personal interests aside, it's up to all of us to make sure that the historic charm of independent business’ doesn't vanish into the past.  Something as simple as buying your next kitchen countertop locally is a great place to start, and every purchase makes an impact.

Over 50 Years of Unparalleled Home Improvement Service in Rochester

Before you rush out to the local home improvement megastore, we invite you to see why McKenna's has continued to thrive over the past five decades.  We have one of the area's best selections of kitchen and bathroom remodeling products, as well as American-made water heaters, tile, lighting, an extensive selection of cabinets and countertops, and so much more.

Get hours, directions and contact information to either of our two Rochester NY home improvement stores by visiting our contact page, or stop in to see our displays or get expert assistance from one of our staff experts.