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When a water heater starts acting up, it can be extremely helpful to familiarize yourself with the most common forms of problems.  In many cases, the solution can be as simple as replacing a routine part or cleaning vital interior components.  Unfortunatley, many waters run strong right until the day they throw in the towel.

Here are just a few of the warning signs for water heaters that may be in need of replacement:

  • Taking too long to properly heat hot water for showers
  • Runs out of hot water after just a few minutes
  • Water heaters that make strange noises or emit odors
  • A rusted base can indicate internal leaks or inefficient operation
  • Water that consistently alternates between hot and cold output

Expert Water Heater Service and Service in Rochester NY

Need a professional's opinion on whether you need to repair or replace your current hot water heater?  McKenna's has been selling and servicing a wide range of brands since 1966, including high performance models, tankless and energy-efficient water heaters, and everything in between.  Call or stop by one of our two Rochester showrooms to learn more and get expert advice from our staff of home improvement pros!

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