Do It Right: Hiring A Professional For Your Bathroom Remodel

May 21, 2021

A sunny new bathroom remodel

Bathrooms are the unsung mainstay of any home. And when it comes time to remodel one, you want it done right the first time. That’s why it’s so important to hire a professional. 

Not all kitchen and bath remodeling pros are created equal though. That’s why, with over fifty years in the industry and an A+ BBB rating, McKenna’s Kitchen and Bath clearly deserves your consideration when you’re ready to make the decision on who to hire.

Here are a few things to take into account when deciding which bathroom remodeling company to hire:

Safeguard Against Bathroom Installation Problems

You know it’s time to remodel your bathroom. You’ve gotten some quotes. Maybe you know a guy. In order to make the best decision on who to hire, make sure you consider this: you get what you pay for. You may be making a costly mistake if you go with someone who does bathroom installation “on the side.” Especially if they can only come nights or weekends, ensuring that your remodel drags on. After all, a bathroom remodel isn’t like any other remodeling project. You can depend on takeout or restaurants if your kitchen is out of service. But who wants to be without a shower or toilet? 

Wider Selection of Fixtures and Accessories

Nobody wants their bathroom remodel to look like the one their neighbor got last year. But that’s the risk you take when you don’t hire an established company like McKenna’s to do your bathroom renovation. McKenna’s has a showroom of the latest trends in bathroom fixtures as well as timeless classics for you to choose from. With them, you won’t get stuck with the paltry choices of what’s in stock at the big box stores or extremely long wait times for backorders. 

Professionals Have More Ideas And Experience

Maybe you hate the current footprint of your bathroom, or find that a fixture takes up precious real estate. Think you have to live with it? Professionals are problem-solvers, and they have ideas you or an inexperienced renovator might not. Experts work closely with manufacturers in learning the latest remodeling techniques. When you hire a pro, you ensure you get a bathroom that is uniquely yours instead of cookie-cutter, and the added assurance that the renovation time won’t be held up due to the unforeseen obstacles that come up with inexperience!

Contact Rochester NY’s Bathroom Renovation Experts

When it’s time to remodel your bathroom, check out McKenna’s Kitchen and Bath. There’s a reason we’ve been doing this for over 50 years. Stop in or call our showroom to see for yourself.