Hot Water Heaters

Let's face it: we all look forward to using hot water in our homes, but when the hot water heater fails and stops working we are not happy one bit... especially in the winter months. McKenna's Kitchen & Bath is  Rochester's #1 Plumbers for all your hot water heater replacement needs.

Professional Installation

McKenna plumbing Rochester NY has a crew of in-house plumbers to make sure that every job is done correct.

Replacement Water Heater

When it's time to replace your AO Smith hot water heater, McKenna's offers a wide selection of water heaters Rochester NY with the best pricing.

Brand of Hot Water Heater

With a well-known brand water heaters by AO Smith , Bradford White and might we mention they are made in the USA. McKenna's Plumbing of Rochester NY has exactly the model needed for your application.

Warning Signs

Are you running on borrowed time? Don't procrastinate and wait until it's too late to find out that you have no hot water or worse a flooded basement.

If you're wondering how old your current water heater is or if it's still under warranty, look for a Rochester plumber that is honest and provides service and installation on AO Smith water heaters. McKenna's Kitchen and Bath is the largest dealer of hot water heaters in Rochester NY.