Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Trending Now

September 24, 2021

A remodeled kitchen with new countertops

It’s always fun to scroll through interior design sites and see what’s new and trending. Still, most of us don’t want to invest our time and money into a remodeling project only for it to look outdated in a year or so. That goes doubly for our kitchens! McKenna’s Kitchens & Baths has some ideas to keep your kitchen remodel on trend while ensuring that it maintains its appeal for years to come.

Rich Tones

We’re losing interest in uniform, all-white kitchens in favor of a variety rich tones and dark finishes. Whether you like the visual impact of black accents, or the warmth of jewel-toned brass or cooper; the depth of dark wood cabinets, or the restfulness of earth colors; the vividness of bold reds or the richness of purples, rich tones offer wider choice and elegant sophistication to your kitchen than monochromatic white can.

Open Shelving

There’s your collection of hand-thrown coffee mugs you attained on your travels. Or the china that has been passed down for generations. Why are they hidden in cabinets where no one sees them? Open shelving gives you the opportunity to proudly display the things that express your unique personality and show off the things that you cherish. They also provide easy access to the things you use every day.


Quartz countertops and floors are a increasingly popular choice for design professionals—and for good reason! Quartz is more durable than granite and more bacteria-resistant (an increasingly important feature for informed consumers.) For countertops and floors that are both beautiful and practical, look no further than quartz.  

Industrial Accents

Metal finishes for open shelving, brass and copper accents; the industrial-style kitchen is gaining in popularity because its minimalistic aesthetic is both practical and relaxing, something consumers are growing to appreciate.

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